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Published:May 10th, 2014 20:57 EST

UFOlogist Claims One in Four People Abducted by UFO Aliens

By Robert Paul Reyes

One in four people has been abducted by aliens, alien abduction runs in families and the aliens are not our friends. These are just three beliefs of Houston`s resident alien hunter Derrel Sims.


It looks like a second season of his network TV series Uncovering Aliens on the Discovery Network is on the cards with ratings from the first series strong according to his people. "




"One in four people has been abducted by aliens", so claims a UFOlogist who has a vested interested in propagating the flying saucer tomfoolery.


A real scientist who relies on empirical evidence wouldn`t make such a preposterous claim. Derrel Sims is the host of "Uncovering Aliens ", a cable TV program so obscure that it doesn`t even have a Wikipedia entry.


One in four people who live in a trailer park with a water supply that`s contaminated by mercury may have been abducted by little green men from Mars, but the closest most of us will ever come to an alien being is at the movies or at the comic book store.


Sims is an alien investigator who travels the United States interviewing abductees; my guess is that he makes a lot of stops at asylums, carnivals, and trailer parks.


Sims says that aliens are not are friends, I bet to differ they are imaginary friends and some people wouldn`t have a life without them.


My Tip for the Day: Don`t set your DVR for "Uncovering Aliens! "


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