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Published:May 12th, 2014 16:14 EST
Reducing Violence during 25th of May, 2014 Elections in Eastern Ukraine.

Reducing Violence during 25th of May, 2014 Elections in Eastern Ukraine.

By Harvey Carroll, Jr.

Recent Illegal Referendums in the East of Ukraine clearly show that again hands full of Russian Flag Wavers are trying to influence Separatist Policies.  Yet, these illegal votes also clearly show a lack of control of the Ukrainian Central Election Commission, their loss of City and Regional Administrative Buildings and the Voter Registration list within those buildings...

In my deep thoughts and prayers I have thought of ways to prevent May 25th, 2014 Election Violence and Corruption.  I presented these ways to Andriy Magera the Deputy Chairman of the Central Election Commission of Ukraine at an open Press Forum at the Ukraine Crises Media Center at 12 NOON on Monday, May 12, 2014.

 My suggestion and question was Could " Elections be held at Well Established Faith Based Organizations, such as Churches, Synagogues, and so forth?  I felt that this could be done with three things in mind:

1. Hold week-long voting for convenience.

2. Place 1 page Downloadable " Central Election Commission Forms on the Internet so that anyone, i.e. printers and Election Officials could access them easily.

3. Then simply "Xerox " the City-Passport of the Valid Voter " onto the back of the downloaded ballot/form.  Then alphabetize, and verify that Voters did not vote more than once.

This Pray and Vote concept will reduce violence, provide a safe place for people to vote, with trust...

Andriy Magera agreed that statistics prove that Churches and the Military are the two most trusted organizations within Ukraine; he also mentioned that if " there was a need to change the Election Procedures in Ukraine they could do so...

However, his illusive statements, and statements to Journalist gave me the impression that the Central Election Commission intended to continue to rely on the various branches of Defense and Military to try to hold elections...  A plan that I see as a plan for escalated violence...

Thank you, and best wishes and prayers for the upcoming elections in Ukraine.

Harvey Carroll, Jr.