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Published:May 13th, 2014 10:49 EST
When and Why Did Russell and Shirley Dermond Leave New Jersey?

When and Why Did Russell and Shirley Dermond Leave New Jersey?

By John G. Kays

Great Waters was a near perfect community, at least, up to one week ago, when an unnamed neighbor discovered the decapitated body of 88-year-old Russell Dermond sprawled out dead on a floor of the family garage. 

With little to go on, including a clueless Sheriff, Howard Sills (the FBI is even involved now), I read through a few new information-free news reports; this made me return to some of the initial reports I`d already thoroughly scrutinized, thinking I must have missed a few telling clues the first time around (I usually do). Nothing too profound slapped me in the face, but a few questions came to mind, which, I guess, I`ll share with you (since I`m not a real detective working the baffling mystery).

One missing item I was rather curious about, is the identity of the neighbor or neighbors who found the shocking crime scene last Tuesday, probably 4 or 5 days after the actual occurrence of this disturbing event. In other words, what led them to drop by 147 Carolyn Drive and check on their neighbors? Did they notice nothing was stirring over that way and just wanted to see if the elderly Dermonds were okay?

Furthermore, another item piques my curiosity a little bit; I heard the sons and daughter were very close to Russell and Shirley. Were they trying to contact their parents in any way, between say, Friday the 2nd and Tuesday the 6th, when the gruesome, unlikely scenario was discovered?

Another fact I just noticed is unsettling also; why was the surveillance security system down that first week in May, in such an opulent and exclusive gated community, Reynolds Plantation? Once the caretakers noticed it was broken, if they in fact did take notice, why wasn`t a work order to repair it not placed? 

Of course, rumors might be making the rounds, that the surveillance system was purposely disarmed by the killer or killers (who look as if they knew what they were doing), so as to veil their nefarious identities from the naked eye of a (candid) camera. This thought quickly crossed my mind, although I prefer to think it`s just a coincidence, the damn system just so happened to be down for the count that pernicious week!

I don`t mean to come-off as overly melodramatic here; nonetheless, this is very weird and disturbing case (I`ve never seen one like it), and is forcing me to channel my sometimes dark thoughts in a Poe-esque fashion, which, ironically, might be thought of as a good fit, even appropriate, given the bizarre circumstances, with the cards dealt so cruelly as they have! 

Once again, in what I`m about to tell you, I don`t want you to believe that this is what I think is the case, as far as how this went down. But one can`t help but wonder whether the unusual crime has something to do with the Dermonds` remote past, and especially their consolidated, vast empire of Wendy`s Hamburger restaurants. Did they still own the chain, or had they sold them many years ago? Why did they choose such a secretive, secluded area to retire to in 1994 (home wasn`t built until 1999)?

You`ll probably think this is stupid, but were they running away from something or from someone? They fared from New Jersey originally, we`re hearing; well, I know right now, a great quantity of fishy red flags are waving wildly in the wind! The sordid reputation of New Jersey as being a cesspool for Organized Crime, is most certainly unfounded; that doesn`t mean, however, we won`t go there willingly (especially us Nut Jobs who have memorized every episode of The Sopranos). 

But this isn`t a funny matter, so ignore me, if you can. Sincerely, I really want to know more about the Dermonds` life in New Jersey; what year did they leave? Better, why did they leave? Who were their friends and/or business associates in New Jersey? We may be barking up the wrong tree, but right now we don`t have anywhere else to go; who decapitated Russell Dermond and who abducted his wife Shirley? And why did they do it? This job looks like a professional one, but correct me if I`m wrong!