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Published:May 14th, 2014 12:57 EST

Charles Barkley Refuses to Apologize for Making Jokes About Fat Women! Amen!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Charles Barkley made it clear on Sunday that he has no intention of apologizing for his fat jokes about the women of San Antonio, Texas.


The retired NBA star and TNT commenter angered some San Antonio residents when he mocked the city`s `big ol` women` last week during a broadcast of Inside the NBA.

`That`s a gold mine for Weight Watchers,` he said. `Victoria is a secret down there.`"


America is the wussiest nation on the face of the Earth; we apologize at the drop of a hat for the silliest of reasons.

When you`re a Donald Sterling, and you have a long history of racism against blacks and Hispanics, and an audio tape is leaked exposed your hatred, fear and loathing of blacks, yeah you damn skippy better apologize.

But when an overweight Charles Barkley makes light-hearted jokes about fat women he shouldn`t apologize. It`s not like he called them fat heifers or ravenous pigs, his jokes were amusing and harmless.

If you don`t like Barkley needling fat chicks, change the channel, and get a life.

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