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Published:May 14th, 2014 10:38 EST
Shaky Mom, Julie Schenecker, Transparently COCKOO FOR COCOA PUFFS!!!

Shaky Mom, Julie Schenecker, Transparently COCKOO FOR COCOA PUFFS!!!

By John G. Kays

Julie Schenecker is, and always has been, I would think, CUCKOO FOR COCOA PUFFS! Boy, I bet Parker wishes he`d thought of that before he hitched up with this Crazy Bird, who ended up killing his daughter Calyx and his son Beaux. Was Julie out of her mind (legally insane - don`t know the difference between right and wrong) when she pulled the trigger multiple times (January 28, 2011)? The defense, who just finished their case yesterday, has called at least 3 doctors who all agree, Shaky Mom was batty. I`m clear on this; Dr. Wade Myers, Dr. Eldra Solomon, and Dr. Michael Maher all are lucid in this regard, but will the jury concur with these stalwart professionals?

I`ll list the meds she was taking at one time or another, if you wonder whether this may`ve been the final straw, tipping her over to COCOA PUFFS-VILLE: Lithium, Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, Benzatropine, Effexor, Citalopram, Coumadin, Buzperone, Warfarin, Amoxicillan, Clozapine, and Trazolam (HLN). *(I have no idea what these drugs do to you and don`t care to find out.) If this wasn`t enough to sedate a Mad Rhino, Twitchy Bird was chasing these mood altering drugs with beaucoup Heinekin beer and with lots of wine also. How could anybody be sane when ingesting all this stuff, much less a severely bipolar Looney Toon with psychotic tendencies? The talk shows have addressed the question of whether she was just singularly Evil; I`d say, if she wasn`t totally Evil before these drugs, she became so after swallowing all this crap!

Yea, I believe the defense is putting on a strong case; but don`t get me wrong, I don`t want this lady to ever walk around in free society again. I believe she is terminally WACKO! She`s just too far gone; can`t get better. Her life is ruined, although you could easily argue JS`s life was already in shambles more than 20 years ago. I just don`t see how Parker didn`t realize this from the get go. Should he have left for Afghanistan knowing how much she had deteriorated? That`s obviously a rhetorical question. He let her go and shouldn`t have done it. That`s Monday morning quarterbacking, I know, but he`d been compartmentalizing the problem for many years prior to the final tragedy.

The best example is, the way he chose to communicate with her was by email, pretty much. This method proved to be ineffective, but allowed him to keep his distance. I think he knew how bad the situation was getting, but preferred brushing it under the rug; it was the job of the doctors to cure her, is what I believe I heard him say on the witness stand. I fathom he rather became happy when he knew he could go overseas and shed himself (temporarily) of his problem. He was married to an insane woman! How could anyone live with that? He should have put her away; maybe he thought he could delay it just for a while longer (in reality, it was too late).

Yesterday`s the first time I heard about her wrecking the family Mercedes when on drugs and alcohol, and she was on the way to an AA meeting! Parker knew her rehab was failing; this crash should have been the final straw. Here we have a major, serious violation of her rehab program conditions (I don`t know exactly what was stipulated, but it couldn`t have been strict enough). JS shoudn`t have been allowed to drive anymore, much less take her kids to school or to soccer practice. And think, if she`d been disallowed from driving, she couldn`t have paid the Lock N Load a friendly little visit! Okay, so Parker didn`t want to look in the trash bin for empties or study the side of a Mega-Strong Pill Bottles; this is the consequence of his negligence (his children are gone). To say, Parker didn`t realize how crazy she truly was/is, is hard to prove, just like it`s hard to prove JS was/is insane. I intuit it`s true, just as I intuit he knew she needed perpetual institutionalizing. He knew it...