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Published:May 15th, 2014 11:15 EST
Kelli Bordeaux Update, and Arrest of Nicholas Holbert, Puts to Rest Lingering Serial Killer Theories!

Kelli Bordeaux Update, and Arrest of Nicholas Holbert, Puts to Rest Lingering Serial Killer Theories!

By John G. Kays

The horrid finding of Kelli Bordeaux`s remains yesterday, in a remote, woody area, not too far from where The Froggy Bottoms once was, came as a shock to me. Aerial news footage of the telling location off River Road (in Fayetteville, North Carolina), informs me of its marked isolation, in candid living color (mainly greens and browns).

I realized instantly the suspect would`ve had to confess as to this remote location (where he dispensed of Kelli`s body), otherwise one might safely wager, she`d never have been discovered. Wait a minute, I suppose I should back up a tidbit; I just noticed this story at about 4:30 AM on the Yahoo News stream, with less than one cup of coffee circulating in my system *(my consciousness faintly fathoms the profundity of the words that appear before me).

Well, it took a few moments to come into clear focus, and gulping quite a bit more strong coffee, but I began reading over some of these pertinent links, until much of it came back to me; I had filed several stories myself on Kelli Bordeaux`s baffling disappearance (April 14, 2012) just a little over two years ago.

Just seeing a photo this morning of the now defunct Froggy Bottoms bar set me on a straight path; and then I caught a glimpse (from a missing person`s poster) of that amazing Selfie (this was before we even called them as such) of Kelli, which was taken with her cell phone right before she vanished. *(It`s hard to say how many eyes have seen this photo?).

 Two years is a great deal of time, when you`re covering stories everyday, but I`ve got it now; although, during this time period, Kelli`s case made a very strong impression on me. I thought about it a great deal, but it looks like I made some egregious errors in judgment, I must confess.

Alright, so many of the articles I read this morning were a bit on the thin, light, and sketchy side of a journalist`s spectrum; so I had a brainstorm that led me to the primary source I should`ve been looking at in the first place. *(Why wasn`t it in first place on the news stream?)

That is, the Fayetteville Observer, which filed the only detailed report I could find; Remains of Spc. Kelli Bordeaux found; sex offender charged with murder, by Nathan Hardin and Nancy McCleary, gives you all the information you (or me) will need to understand how (most of) this went down. Great news report Nathan and Nancy; it`s good to know the discipline of on the scene journalism is not entirely extinct, yet!

But to return to my thoughts from the time (the Spring of 2012), that is, my analysis for what I thought happened to Kelli, I must admit, I had mistakenly ruled out Nicholas Holbert. I just flat out didn`t think he was the one who did this; I mean, the culprit who killed Kelli. 

I watched that interview many times over, of Holbert denying his culpability (convincingly so) to a local reporter, simply stating (lying) he dropped Kelli off at her apartment, after a little bit of R & R at this mysterious-seeming Froggy Bottoms, which gave me a creepy feeling from the get go, like it was a place where lowdowns, perhaps even an occasional serial killer, might congregate. 

This gets at the heart of what I was thinking; Kelli must have been abducted and killed by a sagacious, roving serial killer, who traveled around the country looking for his next victim. The situation, as it presented itself, as the news unfolded in the media, had all the earmarks of a serial predator at work.

Yea, that looks terribly silly and stupid now; I will say, however, I remember, there were many others, some of which were considered experts, who were, at that time, saying the exact same thing. 

In my own defense, part of what made me tend to eliminate Holbert, was that he seemed like he was a harmless homeless man, really nothing more than a derelict or a simpleton, living in a lean-to behind a shabby, tattered bar, which also gave you a negative impression, this was a magnet for losers and misfits (if not serial killers).

In knowing Holbert was a registered sex offender, I took a knee-jerk contrarian position, he was too obvious to be the culprit, I (fallaciously) reasoned to myself. Now I want to know more about how this private investigator, David Marshburn, who was able to smoke-out this poor, wretched, con-artist of an individual, Nicholas Holbert. 

David wasn`t fooled in the least bit; a romantic analysis of a homicide case (initially, we only saw it as a missing person`s case), is usually not the right way to go, unless it turns out Holbert is really a repeat offender (uh oh, here I go again!).