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Published:May 16th, 2014 10:48 EST
Why Did Fatima Perez So Trust Her Gardener, Carlos Alicea-Antonetti?

Why Did Fatima Perez So Trust Her Gardener, Carlos Alicea-Antonetti?

By John G. Kays

Try to imagine the horrific manner in which Fatima Perez (from Camden, New Jersey) met her death, buried alive! And what should we say about these two grimy gardeners (or landscapers) who carried out this outlandish crime, Carlos Alicea-Antonetti (boss), 36, and Ramon Ortiz (helper), 57? 

Did they have a plan in place that would allow them to get away with it? Was there any other motive behind the hideous crime, such as some sort of grudge against Fatima, or is it only simple greed, to get the 81/2 Grand in cash, Ms Perez must have been flashing around?

In other words, was there much pre-planning to speak of, before the situation goes due South, we hear (from Carlos`s statement to the police), in the boss gardener`s van? I mean, Carlos says they quarreled, and Fatima somehow falls out of the van, and if that`s not enough, she manages to get back in the van. 

So how or why does she suddenly find herself tied up in the rear compartment of the van? And what was the quarrel over? Is it maybe that Fatima didn`t willingly (want to hand over so easily) the 8 + K notes to her trusty personal gardener? This, in my line of reasoning, certainly must have been the case!

Still, the way this went down, just doesn`t make much sense to me; we need to rewind the tape back to the very first frame. How long had Fatima Perez known questionable Mr. Alicea-Antonetti? Specifically, what type of landscaping work did he do for her? Did she know his sickly sidekick, Ramon Ortiz also? And more important, did the Nicaraguan native know that the soiled twosome had lengthy wrap-sheets? 

Carlos had an aggravated assault conviction from April of 2006, when he choked his wife in a horrific incident of domestic violence. As for Ramon, he has several convictions for selling drugs and for drug possession, and has chalked up quite a bit of jail time. (Courier Post) As they use to say, birds of a feather, flock together!

Also, one has to wonder about the once impending purchase of this car; had Fatima already looked at it before and selected it? Why was she going to pay for the used vehicle in cold cash? I mean, who in their right mind ever does such a thing, pay in cash? *(Or is that just the way they do things in New Jersey?) 

And why would she tell her gardener that she had all that money around? What type of business was Fatima in? A article says that Ms Perez had been in the United States for 8 or 9 years, and had worked hard, and had even bought herself a home (407 North 41st St., Camden, NJ).

That`s okay, it`s the American Dream to own your own home; Fatima did it! And in order to hire her own landscaper, she had to of been going pretty good; most of us can`t afford a gardener, we have to do our own yard work. And then who has 8 1/2 thousand dollars sitting in their checking account ready to spend on a car, or whatever they fancy well want to spend it on? Almost nobody! I don`t want to take anything away from this poor lady; God knows her life has already been taken away, and in the most terrifying way imaginable (buried alive!), but I must say, the circumstances surrounding this car purchase seem a little unusual to me.

As for the role of the senior accomplice, Ramon Ortiz, his statement to the police doesn`t quite jive with his younger boss`s. That is, Ramon says Fatima was already tied-up when he got into the van; he does admit she pled for her life with them, all the way to the dastardly destination of Monroe Township, which they had chosen as her final resting place. 

They even thought to bring shovels and lime along for the ride (unless those were common tools of their trade always close by). His boss orders him to dig and he obediently does so; that`s what a loyal employee`s suppose to do. Carlos has 7 Grand stashed on him at the Express Inn (where they were arrested); does that mean one and a half Grand was Ortiz`s cut for all the digging?