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Published:May 18th, 2014 12:04 EST

Meteorologist Rescues Kitten from Tornado Rubble: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Ohio meteorologist Rich Wirdzek was on the scene of tornado damage in Cedarville, OH when he heard a mewing sound. The tornado had destroyed two homes and a barn in the area.


He picked his way through the rubble and found a bedraggled kitten, shivering with cold. "


Local TV meteorologists don`t get any respect from their colleagues, viewers or anybody else. Their forecasts are seldom correct, and they`re often the bearer of bad news. The town drunk, the streetwalker and the used car salesman receive more invitations to parties than the lowly weatherman.

Rarely does a TV weatherman have the opportunity to be a hero, but Cedarville meteorologist Rich Wirdzek is the toast of the town after he rescued a kitten from an area devastated by a tornado.

Wirdzek will get nothing but love from city residents, at least until he blows his next weather forecast.

The kitten has been reunited with his family and is doing well, and Wirdzek is being hailed as a hero, and he is no doubt celebrating with the town drunk and the town whore.

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