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Published:May 18th, 2014 11:32 EST

Mom Upset McDonald's Played 'Color Me Badd' in Children's Play Area

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Beaverton mom using the name "Suzie` was filled with disgust instead of nostalgia when she went to a local McDonald`s with her children and heard Color Me Badd`s 1991 hit  `I Wanna Sex You Up` booming through the speakers.


`We went to McDonalds yesterday because it was super hot and I wanted my kids to be able to play,` Suzie said.  `The kids were playing for a little bit [in the play area] and then I heard a song come on and it was singing `I Wanna Sex You Up.` My daughter came up to me about halfway through the song, being six years old and curious, asked me what `sex you up` means."


This McDonald`s has a tendency to play `90s tunes like Blackstreet`s  `No Diggity` and  `The Boy is Mine` by Brandy and Monica. I share Suzie`s outrage; no decent record was released in the 90`s. Muzak is better than the music that was booming from radios in the 90`s.

But Suzie has no right to complain about the music played at McDonald`s, if she dumps her brats at an unsupervised McDonald`s play area she needs to get with the program.

Suzie: Be thankful McDonald`s provides a play area for your children, and be thankful they`re not playing rap music with explicit lyrics.


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