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Published:May 20th, 2014 13:54 EST

24-Year-Old Poppy is World's Oldest Cat

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The Guinness Book of World Records has recognized the world`s oldest cat. 24-year-old Poppy of Dorset, England is blind, deaf, but still very much alive. And her owners credit her health to exercise, and a diet consisting of fish and chips, KFC, and kebab.


Poppy has a long way to go before she can get the title of the  `Oldest Cat Ever.` That belongs to a feline named Creme Puff from Texas who lived 38 years and three days."


Congratulations to Poppy and her owners Marguerite Corner and her daughter Jacqui. Twenty-four feline years in equivalent to 114 human years, hopefully Poppy hasn`t used up any of her nine lives yet.

My cat, Tico, isn`t 24-years-old, he`s only seven but he does tip the scales at 24 pounds. I`m not a rocket scientist or a veterinarian, but I reckon that he`ll be lucky to celebrate his 12th birthday.

My cat Patches, who went to the Great Litter Box in the Sky about a decade ago, lived until age 20 and she was also a porker, so maybe Tico will surprise me by living many more years.

My spellcheck program keeps changing Tico`s name to "Taco", well he certainly looks like a fat taco.

Felines, wheter they are frisky kittens or mature adults, are a constant source of entertainment and joy. Adopt a kitty at your local animal shelter.

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