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Published:May 20th, 2014 17:31 EST

Drinkable Sunscreen! Do You Think it Works? Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"For all the people who are sick and tired of rubbing themselves with sunscreen to prevent getting burned, now there`s an alternative -- drinkable sunscreen.


Developed by Osmosis Skincare, the Harmonized H20 UV Neutralizer drink allegedly blocks 97 percent of harmful UVA and UVB rays from the sun."


Traditional sunscreen can be a pain, who enjoys getting their hands all greasy? But by the same token when you take a hottie to the beach, half the fun is applying sunscreen lotion to her back.

This quack product supposedly causes molecules on top of the skin to vibrate and prevent over-exposure to the sun. If you buy that pseudo-science I`ll sell you a hemorrhoids ointment that works by applying it to your hair.

Harmonized H2O sells for $30 a bottle, and is available online. Will anybody purchase this sunblock drink? Yes, the same morons who buy penis enlargement pills and hair-growing gel.

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