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Published:May 20th, 2014 16:11 EST

Hottie Arrested After Stashing Pot in Vagina

By Robert Paul Reyes



"A Florida woman was hit with a pot possession charge after she admitted to having marijuana stashed in private parts while she was being booked at the Palm Beach County Jail on an outstanding warrant.


Jessica Johnston confessed to having a bag containing 2.6 grams of marijuana in her vagina after being told that she would face a felony charge if she was caught bringing contraband into the jail."


A dude may expect a woman`s private parts to have a bush, but grass? I don`t even want to ask where she keeps her bong!

Judging by this woman`s mugshot her personal hygiene leaves a lot to be desired; maybe she was just trying to mask the fishy smell of her lovebox.

Johnston`s friends would be well-advised not to buy a joint from her, getting the munchies is one thing, but getting an STD from smoking weed is just wrong.

Homegirl is being held on a $250 bail; doesn`t she keep any money in her snatch?

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