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Published:May 21st, 2014 11:53 EST
Was Washed-Up Actor Michael Jace a Powder Keg, About Ready to Explode?

Was Washed-Up Actor Michael Jace a Powder Keg, About Ready to Explode?

By John G. Kays

The chilling story of Monday`s Los Angeles based shooting (Hyde Park), of April Jace by her actor husband, Michael Jace, is translated to us on two contradictory levels of interpretation. We get an uneasy feeling when we hear his neighbors (in the 5400 block of Brynhurst Avenue) tell reporters the couple were very good parents and nice neighbors to boot. 

Then, in disturbing contrast, we hear that Michael Jace has a number of domestic violence black marks against him, readily obtainable from court records; that is, his former wife, Jennifer Bitterman, withstood many blows from Jace`s brutal hands in the late 1990s (a roommate at the time, witnessed several of the beatings). This dialectic of projected personas, leads me to believe the perceived pleasantries with neighbors was something of an acting job.

This is just my theory; before hearing the news of Monday`s shooting (around 8:30 PM, 5/19/`14) I never had even heard of him, nor did I recognize his face, which sits on a tall-statured and noticeably thin body. Okay, so I never before watched The Shield, nor have I seen any of his roles on CSI (or any other of his parts-I`ve only seen Forrest Gump once)). 

I did see quite a bit of news footage on HLN last night, however, and observed that Mr. Jace appeared to be quite comfortable in his steady role of a police officer; also, I noticed he seems to be pulling his service revolver out constantly, and pointing it (threateningly) at some make-believe suspect. The Shield bit the dust in 2008, six years ago, but I suspect some of that (the cop/gun deal) stuck permanently in Michael`s consciousness.

As far as the actual shooting of his (nearly eleven years of marriage) wife goes, April Jace, some details have been revealed, but many other important ones are still unknown. We`ll want to know exactly what type of gun was used by the mostly washed up actor. 

Furthermore, we`ll need to know whether Jace owned the gun by way of established, legitimate channels (Was it legally registered?). And another item I`m curious about, is why did the (past his prime) actor feel as if he had to have a handgun about in the first place, with the knowledge he had a festering violent streak inside him, and possibly an issue when it comes to women? To put it bluntly, did he hate women?

He actually shot her right when his two kids were in the house (we don`t know precisely where they were positioned at the time of the shots, however). This shocks me tremendously! Was he in an altered state of mind, possessed by uncontrollable rage, anger, or even hatred towards April? Is it possible he was thinking of somebody else when firing the trigger at April? 

How far away from her, was he, when he started blasting away? How many times did he pull the trigger? I`ve heard it was 3 or 4 times, from neighbors who heard the shots from a close distance.  Jace was the one who called 911; had he come back down to earth by then, turning back into a human being once again (think Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde)?

With regard to the problem of a sizable debt, accumulated by Mr. Jace over a considerable time span, I was able to gather enough poignant detail from reliable news sources, that allows me to factor his debt in, as playing a supplemental role in the murder. For me, and coupled with the fact that he wasn`t getting enough substantial roles in his chosen profession of acting, I come to the conclusion, Jace was a powder keg on the verge of exploding (which is exactly what happened)!

Okay, so a half a million dollars in debt is enough to take down the Biggest of any Hollywood Has-been Rhinos! And owing the IRS and Cal State more than 20 K each, must have been an additional thorn in his side, likened to a lit match on conveniently close stick of dynamite. I just wish somebody would`ve thought to take away his toy gun (wait, it was real pistol!) from him, he kept around from his glory days on TV.