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Published:May 22nd, 2014 11:20 EST
In the Russel and Shirley Dermond Mounting Mystery, EVERYBODY is Under a Dark Cloud of Suspicion!

In the Russel and Shirley Dermond Mounting Mystery, EVERYBODY is Under a Dark Cloud of Suspicion!

By John G. Kays

My intuition whispers lies in my ears, in one of the most fascinating Who Done It? homicide cases in U.S. history, you know, the Russell and Shirley Dermond mounting mystery, will never get solved. I hope I`m wrong! So far, nothing but DEAD ENDS, but, nonetheless, small pieces of the puzzle are seeing the light of day (one senses).

Sensing no more news could possibly be emanating out of the one time, squeaky clean, Clear Water community in Central Georgia, I stubbornly pursued a news search anyhow. I was surprised to see something fresh, both from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and from a local news organization (covering the Reynolds Plantation vicinity), the Eatonton Messenger,which actually has four new offerings. 

I just now printed out these five worthwhile articles, stapled each individual piece (a short delay was instigated by a need to replenish staples in my trusty Stanley Bostich stapler), then added it on to my increasingly thick vertical file, I`m keeping on the Dermond case.

In a sense, I`m hoping my thoroughness, my attention to detail, reflects that of Putnam County Sheriff Howard Sills, who is obviously taking these proceedings very seriously. I just got through reading the article in the Eatonton Messenger, GreatWaters Residents Interviewed (by Ron Bridgeman), which tells me each and every resident is getting put under the Hot-Lamp, looks like a good raking over the coals is in order!

That is, these upright citizens have to account for every second of their time, comings and goings, or whatnot, regarding the critical times in question, May 2nd, 3rd and beyond (most likely). The piece said Sheriff Sills was assisted by 58 detectives; there are 200 members of this sequestered community, so I`ll let you do the math (each detective will have a little less than four people to build a file on, I figure). 

Oh my God, this must make them paranoid; EVERYBODY is under a dark cloud of suspicion! I live in Texas, but I can feel the scorching heat generating from the proverbial Hot Lamp, all the way from my Bluebonnet Paradise! Sincerely, I`m not just cracking a funny; I nervously glance over at my Whole Planet calendar, scratching my head, wondering if I could account for my whereabouts that first Friday of May.

So many things we do (as we pass through life) are rote, almost robotic; we may experience the exact same grueling routine, day after day, nearly to the point where we don`t even realize what we`re doing. God only knows how these people feel, knowing the killer, or rather, I should say, the killers may live(s) amongst them; or possibly they know who they are, if they don`t reside in the actual Reynolds Plantation community. 

But what possible motive would anyone from the community have in doing this to such a good natured and comfortable, elderly couple? Most of the Dermonds` neighbors, I would think, are sitting pretty comfortably themselves! Sheriff Sills even returned to the stately mansion on Carolyn Drive, for one last inspection (maybe his missed something?), before the Dermonds` adult children assume possession.

Sills doesn`t believe it was a professional job, but at the same time, doesn`t think it was all too amateurish either. The way he explained this to the AJC, it sounds like this is how they know there was more than one party involved; that is, some parts of the job were rendered more efficiently, while other parts were a bit clumsier or awkward. 

One wonders just how this all breaks down, or how Sills and the FBI can make such a precise blanket determination, with regard (I suppose) to some specific piece of physical evidence, left behind at the bewildering crime scene. 

I`ll opine on my own, the beheading of Russell looks more like the professional end of the equation, as if they wanted to tell the world, do what he did (whatever that may be?) and this is what will happen to you! You may have a hard time disagreeing with me on this unsettling, yet persuasive point.