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Published:May 23rd, 2014 11:08 EST

McMenamins UFO Festival a Far Out Success! Freaks, UFO Nuts Had Smashing Time! Video!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Every year UFOs and the alien life that probably built them are studied and celebrated at the McMenamins UFO Festival in McMinnville. This weekend marks the 15th annual festival, and throngs of people are descending upon the town to attend lectures, watch films and, of course parade through town dressed in wacky alien costumes."



You would expect a UFO Festival to be a Mecca for UFOlogists and true believers, but actually the McMenamins UFO Festival, and for that matter any UFO festival, is a magnet for unbelievers. Most folks who attend UFO festivals or conventions don`t believe in UFO`s, they`re just looking for a good time. Ain`t no party like a UFO party  cause a UFO don`t stop until everyone has made love with a drunk skank dressed like an alien.

I don`t believe in UFO`s but I would love to attend the McMenamins UFO Festival, who doesn`t like partying with freaks? How can you not attend a festival that includes an Alien Pet Costume Contest and offers alien-themed crafts for sale?

The McMenamins UFO Festival was a huge success; fun was had by sceptics, freaks and UFO nuts alike!

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