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Published:May 23rd, 2014 10:44 EST

Seti Astronomers Tell Congress: We Are Not Alone In Universe: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Aliens are real - not little green men visiting Earth as depicted in movies, but rather microbial life in our own solar system and intelligent life beyond.


That`s according to two leading Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (Seti) researchers, who yesterday took part in a hearing at the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology in Washington DC.

During the talk dubbed `Astrobiology and the Search for Life in the Universe`, the scientists laid out the evidence and reasoning for believing we are not alone."

Daily Mail

The researchers base their belief that the  universe is teeming with alien life forms on the estimate that 70 percent of all stars in the Milky Way galaxy are accompanied by planets, and the number of planets in the Milky Way is a trillion, give or take a billion. Keep in mind that there are over 150 billion galaxies that have been observed by telescopes; if you do your math right that means that there are a gazillion and one planets in the observable universe.

Certainly there has to be at least one planet within a few light years vicinity of Earth where life has evolved beyond human intelligence.

There`s precious little intelligence on our little blue planet, I pray there`s intelligent life somewhere out there. But the odds that we will make contact with intelligent aliens, or I should say that aliens will make contact with us, are close to zero. There is nothing in our violence-prone and superstitious-enslaved planet that would make us worthy of research, or even observation. Maybe in a couple of centuries when we get our act together, extraterrestrials will make contact.

Maybe the Mars rover will find microbial life, but if any intelligent aliens are aware of our existence I`m sure they are giving us a wide berth.

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