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Published:May 23rd, 2014 11:56 EST

Woman Attacked by Elf High on LSD

By Robert Paul Reyes

"An Oregon man may need some elf-help after he attacked a Portland woman`s BMW with a metal sword last week while he was high on acid, causing mental trauma and $4,000 dollars worth of damage to the car.


The victim, Sue Bales, is speaking out about her experience with self-identified high elf Konrad Bass in order to raise awareness about mental illness."


Not only was the elf high on acid, but he was also off his legal prescription drugs.

But I could care less if some joker dressed as an elf is high on LSD or off his medications, if he attacks my car with a sword, I won`t give him a chance to break the window and attack me, I will run him over.

I don`t know who is more contemptible the high elf or the bleeding-heart victim who is using her harrowing experience to raise awareness about mental illness.

I`m all for raising awareness about mental illness, but I`m also for locking up freaks high on LSD who attack innocent people with swords.

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