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Published:May 26th, 2014 17:13 EST

Teen Hosting Party Head-Butts Drunk Kid Who Wet His Bed

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Seattle high school student who allegedly decided to hit the head on another student`s bed during a house party was hospitalized with a possible concussion after he received a head-butt in return.


A student from O`Dea High School was hosting a party last Friday night when one of his peers showed up drunk. After he was initially asked to leave, the student was allowed to stay so that he wouldn`t drive home while intoxicated."


It`s poor etiquette to arrive at a party rip-roaring drunk, the teen who was hosting the party allowed the Philistine to stay so he wouldn`t drive home intoxicated.

No good deed goes unpunished; the drunken bastard promptly urinated in the host`s bed. The host didn`t immediately resort to violence; he tried to convince the bed-wetter to pay for the dry-cleaning charges to no avail.

Only then did the patient gentleman head-butt the unruly guest, rendering him unconscious.

The parents are the ones who deserve to be head-butted for allowing their son to host a drinking party in their home

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