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Published:May 27th, 2014 16:10 EST

Homeless Student Griffin Furlong Named Valedictorian

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Griffin Furlong didn`t let being homeless stop him from being named class valedictorian at a Jacksonville high school.


The homeless student was named valedictorian at First Coast High School in Florida after he ended up with a 4.65 GPA despite not having a home to study in."


This young boy could have used his homelessness and the death of his mother as an excuse to turn to drugs or crime, but against all odds his drive and determination propelled him to be valedictorian of his class.

We often look down on the homeless as lazy bums, and indeed most of them are, but a homeless child isn`t responsible for his situation. We should be compassionate and merciful to the homeless, especially the children.

Furlong plans to discuss his homeless plight in his valedictorian address, I hope he will inspire his classmates never to give up regardless of the circumstances, and I pray he will bring much-needed attention to the homeless.

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