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Published:May 28th, 2014 13:30 EST

Viral Video: Depressed Goat Reunited With Donkey Best Friend Starts Eating Again

By Robert Paul Reyes


"A goat named Mr. G and a burro donkey named Jellybean were rescued, along with a number of other animals, from a hoarder`s home in northern California earlier this year and placed in different animal sanctuaries.


But workers at Animal Place in Grass Valley, Calif., noticed that Mr. G wasn`t eating, despite numerous efforts to feed him.

The hunger strike continued for six days, until the sanctuary managed to reunite him with Jellybean."


This heartwarming tale of interspecies love and friendship between a donkey and a goat doesn`t need commentary or explanation from a human being, watch the video and wonder at the beauty of the animal kingdom.

I hope this video inspires you to adopt a kitten or a puppy from an animal shelter. Be kind to all of God`s creatures.  

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