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Published:May 30th, 2014 11:08 EST

Google's Balloons Get Mistaken For UFOs by Hicks in Kentucky: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"If you see an unidentified flying object with a Google logo on it, don`t worry too much " the company isn`t planning to abduct you and subject you to invasive probes, especially since its own algorithms are capable of probing you more thoroughly than any aliens ever could. reports that two years ago, some residents in Pike County, Kentucky reported seeing what they thought were UFOs from outer space but that turned out to be some of Google`s balloons that the company plans to use to bring Wi-Fi connectivity to rural parts of the world that lack Internet service."



If we want to find out information about anyone or anything we use the Google search engine, and if we are curious about someone`s house we use Google Earth to discover if they really have a swimming pool in their backyard. Soon we will allow a Google driverless car take us to our employer: Google or one of its subsidiaries. In short Google has taken over the world.

But is Google also taking over our friendly skies?

For two years Kentucky residents have reported seeing UFOs with the Google logo, and naturally we just assumed they were drunk on moonshine.

It turns out the UFOs are balloons that Google is using to bring Wi-Fi connectivity to rural communities that lack Internet service.

If country hicks mistake Google balloons for UFOs maybe they aren`t ready for broadband service. Google should shelve plans to bring Wi-Fi connectivity to Kentucky, just give CB radios to the residents of this fine state and they will be pleased as punch.

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