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Published:May 30th, 2014 11:43 EST
Was Philip Duran`s Death (In Kyle, Tx, 4/27/`13), By Nathaniel Eddleman`s Car, a Deliberate Hit and Run?

Was Philip Duran`s Death (In Kyle, Tx, 4/27/`13), By Nathaniel Eddleman`s Car, a Deliberate Hit and Run?

By John G. Kays

While watching KXAN News last night, I heard about the vehicular hit and run of Philip Duran on April 27, 2013 (a little over a year ago), by a young man by the name of Nathaniel Eddleman. Eddleman, who is now 18, but was 17 at the time he hit and killed Phillip Duran, turned himself in to the Hays County Jail, but was quickly released yesterday after posting bond. 

I`m hearing, this story has made the rounds of Austin news for a quite a while; however, my awareness of these disturbing events originates with the mere passing of 14 1/2 hours. The way this stacks up, I feel a tremendous amount of sadness and empathy towards the Duran family; at the same time, I feel a great deal of anger towards the suspect.

Adding to that, (I`m feeling) a considerable amount of anxiety or frustration towards Hays County law enforcement, due to the feather lightness of the charges, a failure to stop and render aid. KXAN had interviewed Phillip Duran`s brother, Chad Benninghoff, and he gave a heart-felt but thoughtful response;  that the charge against Eddleman was way too soft! 

I totally agree with Chad! Although, I must admit, I`m not privy to the particulars of the investigation into this heinous crime, I can say, I`m aware they had the broken car parts, that tie Eddleman to the crime scene, as well as one yet unidentified eyewitness, who actually saw him hit Phillip.

The location of where Philip was hit, is the intersection of FM 1626 and Kother`s Crossing (KXAN); I didn`t hear mention of the exact time, so this is an important fact I`d like to know. Not that it has any specific bearing on the case, but I wonder why Philip Duran was out jogging at such an odd hour?

With regard to the secret eyewitness, Benninghoff gives us a bit more of an extension (via KXAN) on what this person (a she) saw or experienced, as the sequence of events unfolded. At some juncture, the black SUV (I`m not aware of the exact make and model?), a good distance (how far away, exactly?) in front of her, jerks (or jolts, catapults?) severely! She likely only saw how the headlights reacted.The remainder of what she told Chad almost requires censorship!

Okay, she stopped when the black car stopped, probably just a second after the ineffable accident; she wanted to see if they were okay, and I would think, to see if she could help them out somehow. I say that, since apparently this witness saw more than one person in the suspect`s car. How many people were in the car, we`d like to know? What the suspect told her is hideous to think of; he said he hit a deer. 

He had to have known he`d hit a person, but that`s not something we`ll be able to ever prove. Naturally, Eddleman just wanted to get rid of this pair of eyes (seeing something they ought not have seen), so that he could get the hell out of there! This account tells me the amount of forethought (premeditation) was much greater than you might`ve thought.

How did the Kyle police (or was it Hays` Sheriffs?) find Nathaniel`s black SUV at Hays County High School? I saw news footage of the damaged car (I don`t think it`s a truck?), at the time the vehicle was confiscated, but I`m wondering what metal fragments were left behind at the scene. Was a tip called in? This part of the story is a bit fuzzy now and could use a little more elaboration, as far as how they were able to pinpoint Eddleman as the culprit.

 Also, it`s hard to see why he wasn`t arrested much earlier *(I know, I`m missing many pieces of this harrowing narrative). Did the eyewitness ever go to the cops? Hopefully, this is not the end of the trail; I need to take a drive down FM 1626, because I use to live in Buda (many years ago) and cruised that street all the time. I want to see the memorial also.