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Published:June 1st, 2014 11:11 EST

Elderly Couple Scare Away Burglar By Activating Car Alarm

By Robert Paul Reyes

"An elderly Washington couple was able to outwit a would-be robber who broke into their home by scaring him off with their car alarm.


Jim and Betty Lilja of Milton had just returned home from the Emerald Queen Casino with $500 cash when a young man stormed into their house.

`And then he jumped up, pushed me in and had his hand in his pocket and he said, `Okay, I`ve got a gun and I`m going to shoot you,` 85-year-old Jim told KOMO TV.  `I said `I`m 85 years old, if you want to shoot, go ahead and shoot.`"


This is truly an astounding miracle: Imagine a senile couple leaving a casino with $500 in winnings.

This elderly couple`s good fortune followed them home; they scared away an armed intruder by activating their car alarm. Old people are clueless when it comes to technology; the old man probably thought he was turning on the TV with his remote when he activated the car alarm.

The alarm scared the punk and he sped off (without the couple`s money) in a waiting Lexus.

All`s well that ends well! This lucky couple cheating death and a casino in the same day!