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Published:June 2nd, 2014 14:57 EST

Ann B. Davis, Alice from the 'Brady Bunch' Dead at 88: America Mourns! Video!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Actress Ann B. Davis, an American television legend who held "The Brady Bunch" together in her role as housekeeper Alice Nelson, died Sunday. She was 88.


Appearing in her trademark light blue maid`s uniform with a white apron, Alice anchored "The Brady Bunch" with her cheerful attitude and witty one-liners."


When the " Brady Bunch" originally aired from 1969 to 1974 I was a precocious teen who  realized that there was something off-kilter about the world.

However I willingly engaged in a suspension of disbelief, and accepted the notion that a large blended family which included six children, a pooch and a maid could live in harmony in the suburbs.

As a child I had a remarkable resemblance to Greg Brady, I had a crush on Marcia (Marcia! Marcia! Marcia!), and I worshipped the original MILF Carol, but my favorite "Brady Bunch" character was the maid, Alice.

Appearing in her starched light blue maid`s uniform with a spotless white apron, Alice presided over the G-rated shenanigans in the Brady household with an ever-present smile and an ever-ready quip.

Alice was the asexual matronly anchor of the Brady family, as a teen I wished I had an Alice to mediate the conflicts with my siblings.

The innocence of my youth is long forgotten, and I`m cognizant that the world is a horrible place, but I still find solace and comfort in watching " Brady Bunch" re-runs.

You can have your sexy model in a French maid uniform; it`s the dowdy Alice with her corny one-liners that rocks my world.

Alice may you live forever in re-runs!


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