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Published:June 3rd, 2014 11:08 EST
Does Nichole Nikki Burgess` Sinister Disappearance Have Anything to Do With Kustom Kulture?

Does Nichole Nikki Burgess` Sinister Disappearance Have Anything to Do With Kustom Kulture?

By John G. Kays

The last time Nichole Nikki Burgess was heard from, was by cell phone on Friday, May 23rd, at around 1:50 PM, when she talk to her boyfriend, Jay Henry. Nikki Burgess, 36, was living in Nashville in the 900 block of Oak Vale Drive (323 B) at the time of her disappearance, and (we hear) was just about to head out to Sparta and Crossville, Tn, which is where her boyfriend and family live. (WKRN TV)

I carefully looked over (studied) a Goggle map of Sparta, Tn and found out it`s 95.4 miles southeast of Nashville, and would probably take Nikki about an hour and a half to drive there. But it looks like such a trip never took place. Where`s the proof she was heading there?

Some other details of her baffling May 23rd disappearance, which authorities are attaching the catch phrase of foul play to, draw us deeper and possibly closer into the mystery of what happened to Nikki. And did Nichole attempt to alert others of an impending and threatening predicament, about to unfold?

One item is an odd text message to a friend, Stevie Blainey, on that same Friday afternoon; I`m not privy to what this message contained exactly, but WKRN TV tells us, Blainey felt like something was not quite right, since the two friends had the habit of talking to one another several times a day. At least two questions arise in my mind.

One, is whether the (we`re hearing, disturbing) text message occurred before or after Nikki`s conversation with her boyfriend, Jay Henry. I don`t sense knowing this detail is splitting hairs! Was this the final form of (digital) communication before something more sinister happened? Another weird piece of data, highly unusual to me, is why did people wait so long to report her missing? 

Stevie Blainey took two days to report her missing; did she bother to physically drop by her house and ring her doorbell? Did Jay Henry bother to report her missing, since she never showed up to his residence in Sparta that day? And what about the condition of her house (once the authorities entered the premises)? And what did neighbors see that appeared suspicious that day?

Okay, so apparently Nikki usually keeps her house tidy, but when the police entered, it was messed up; I wish they could be more specific as far as how it was messed up. Were dresser drawers overturned and clothes or personal belonging tossed about? Was someone trying to find something, such as an important or possibly an incriminating document?

Furthermore, her two dogs were left behind, which is another bad sign. Ms Burgess` 10-year-old son was with her father; so we`d like to know more about this situation, such as who the father is, and when or why Nikki left her son in this man`s care. Another clue, which again trends towards the Dark Side, is her purse was found left behind in her car, which was also still there (unit 323 B on Oak Vale Drive).

Okay, so what this tells me is that Nikki was about to leave, when she was interrupted by somebody, unless she had a habit of leaving her purse in the car, which seems unlikely to me. And then the situation of what neighbors saw is the most significant clue of all (as far as what`s public knowledge).

I`m not so sure whether more than one neighbor saw this unidentified car backed up into Nikki`s driveway that Friday, but I did read, one neighbor, David Underwood, spoke with WKRN-TV, telling them there was an unknown car backed up in the driveway the afternoon of May 23rd. The only reason people do that is if they are loading stuff in the trunk of their car!

You might well imagine what that scenario implies! I`ll not go with that any further; another area which I haven`t been able to gather much information on yet, is Nikki`s connection with the entertainment business and with Kustom Kulture (something about tattoos, pin-ups, classic cars, etc.). I have some catching up to do in that regard. 

I did just watch Jane Velez-Mitchell`s interview (on CNN`s web page) with Nikki`s friend, Shannon Million, and this did a good job in initiating me to Kustom Kulture`s program. Two statements made by Shannon seemed particularly revealing: one, she mentioned an old flame had been bothering Nikki. Two, would be Ms Burgess` fear of Social Media; Nikki apparently has shied away from the limelight for about a year or so. Why is this so?