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Published:June 4th, 2014 11:17 EST

Plane Turns Around After Woman Tells Fellow Passenger 'I Kill White People Like You'

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A United Airlines flight from Nashville to Houston turned around Sunday after a passenger allegedly threatened a fellow traveler when she was asked to turn off her cellphone.


LaShonda Williams, 43, allegedly told another passenger: I kill white people like you."


LaShonda Williams was chatting on her Obamaphone when another passenger politely requested that she turn it off.

I would have been fearful that the cell phone might interfere with the plane`s navigation systems andI would have yelled: Turn off the damn phone!

LaShonda reacted as if her fellow passenger had called her the N-word; she menacingly replied: I kill white people like you.

She also told the passenger that she would follow her after arriving in Houston "and find out where she lived."

The pilot had no recourse but to turn the plane around and return to Nashville.  When the plane landed LaShonda was arrested and charged with assault.

LaShonda has too much of a thuggish mentality to travel by air, take the Greyhound next time loser!

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