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Published:June 5th, 2014 11:45 EST
Why Does Sharpshooter Justin Bourque Have a Grudge Against the Royal Canadian Police?

Why Does Sharpshooter Justin Bourque Have a Grudge Against the Royal Canadian Police?

By John G. Kays

A Reuters report (Canada police extend manhunt...) is the latest news I`ve heard, regarding this gunman, 24-year-old Justin Bourque, who has already killed three police officers and wounded two more, in Moncton, New Brunswick (in Canada - see map). That is, if the Royal Canadian Police has spotted him, captured him, or possibly shot him, it hasn`t yet been reported by the news. Since the news can be promulgated so quickly (these days), I suspect the arrest (or otherwise) hasn`t happened yet. The last I heard, the gunman is operating in the Pinehurst subdivision of Moncton, unless he managed to somehow escape from this district.

A photograph of Bourque, brazenly walking around in the open, is making the rounds on the internet. I didn`t hear who the took the photo, but it speaks volumes about who he is and what may be behind why he is doing this. His hair is rather long and he`s wearing a bandana (or a headband), Justin has a mustache and a goatee. I zoomed in on just his face and head; the look on his face is intense, possibly a grimace of anger and rage, but I may be projecting this interpretation, or over-extending it, since the photo is a trifle blurry. Although, you can clearly see the camouflage attire and two rifles; this reveals a good deal about who he is and what he`s up to.

Perhaps we`ll soon find out, but does Justin Bourque have a series grudge against the Canadian Police? If he does (obviously he does), why so? Once again, the photo gives you the impression he`s on some sort of mission, practically like a military mission of sorts. The officers who were shot were just responding to a report of a gunman in that area of Pinehurst. A gap in the story reported, is whether he had already begun firing his rifles before the police officers arrived on the scene. This would, of course, make a big difference; clarification on this point would help in suggesting his motive.  

Since I live in Texas, I had to commit some time to the geography of Canada, and more particularly to the state of New Brunswick and to the City of Moncton. I`ve never been there, but that`s okay, there`re good maps I can study on the internet. At this juncture (although this may not be the most logical place to insert this assertion), I`ll go ahead and say it out loud, is the outburst of gun (using powerful automatic weapons) violence currently plaguing the United States, starting to spill over into Canada? And Moncton had no homicide last year? (AP) That just changed dramatically!

Now the police have taken a large armored truck into this district; this would have been early this morning (the specific time wasn`t given). Where could Bourque be hiding? Very tense situation; could there be hostages. Residents have been warned to stay inside, good and locked up. CNN ran a cell phone video from a Moncton resident, recorded just as the shooting started. You could actually hear the report of a rifle; did I see someone drop next to a car, through a window of a person ducking frantically for cover? Video and photographs have provided us with more information than print news reports.

Although, a NY Daily News story gives us more about the suspect; apparently his Facebook page has lots of anti-cop and pro-gun posts. Then he quotes from the metal band Megadeth, from their song Hook in Mouth; this was just posted at 4:30 PM, just a few hours before he went on his crazy rampage. We certainly hope they get him soon, if they haven`t already done so (penned at 9:25 AM CST, Austin, Texas, USA). Now I`ll have to do some research on the gun laws in Canada; how did Bourque obtain all his lethal fire power?