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Published:June 10th, 2014 10:05 EST

Pizzeria Owner Fined $335,000 for Paying Teens in Pizza and Sodas

By Robert Paul Reyes

"An Australian pizzeria operator has been fined $335,000 after a government investigation revealed he had been paying teenage workers in pizza and soda over the course of four years.


During a legal proceeding in Federal Circuit Court, Judge John O`Sullivan heard that Ruby Chan routinely paid cooks and waiters less than minimum wage and justified that practice by offering them pizza and soda at half price or free. According to the Herald Sun, one worker was stiffed $25,000."


Exploiting teens is an unforgiveable crime; I hope Chan is ostracized by decent society. If the hefty fine hasn`t bankrupted this morally-bankrupt pizza operator, I hope young people will boycott his restaurants and cause him to go out of business.

This skinflint owned two restaurants that employed more than 100 young workers, and he underpaid them more than $250,000.

In a perfect world Chan would be sentenced to at least a year in jail, and he would be fed nothing but stale pineapple and anchovies pizzas.

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