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Published:June 10th, 2014 08:58 EST

Viral Video: Stingray Charges Moron Who Provoked It

By Robert Paul Reyes

Stingrays are beautiful creatures; consider yourself lucky if you happen to see one gracefully gliding in the sea.

Oh for the opportunity to videotape the magnificent creature and post it on YouTube.


Stingrays seldom attack humans, though stings do normally occur if a ray is accidentally stepped on.

An Australian swimmer had an opportunity to videotape a stingray, but instead of chronicling the beauty of nature, the moron charged the stingray.

The stingray frightened glided away from the idiot, but then he charged him, scaring the Bejesus out of him.

This story doesn`t have a perfect ending, the swimmer didn`t drown, but it was nice to see the stingray turn the tables on the doofus.  

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