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Published:June 11th, 2014 13:05 EST
Did a Kenai, Alaskan Family of Four Vanish into Thin Air?

Did a Kenai, Alaskan Family of Four Vanish into Thin Air?

By John G. Kays

It`s been more than two weeks (May 27th) now since anyone has heard from Rebecca Adams, 22, her two young children (5-year-old Michelle Hundley and 3-year-old Jaracca Hundley), and her boyfriend (Brandon Jividen, 37); this baffling and troubling case, where a family of four vanishes into thin air (not terribly unlike The McStays), is taking place in Kenai, Alaska.

I`m already clueless when it comes to the geography of Alaska, and all the more ignorant regarding the locale of Kenai. This necessitated taking a moment away from the puzzling narrative at hand, and getting my bearings, using some readily available internet maps. After that, I pulled out my trusty Rand McNally Road Atlas and focused in on Kenai even closer.

I see that Kenai is 157.9 miles distance from Anchorage, AK, south and a wee west; this pitstop taken for a brief geography lesson is helpful, as far as I`m concerned. Now we can safely return to Becca Adams and the three other missing family members; I guess I ought to tell you what sources I`m looking at, so far, since I may not have had a chance yet to study over alternative sources, that perhaps have vital information not touched on in mine. 

For print news, although I`ve looked at several things, the best, I thought, was a piece in the Alaska Dispatch (Kenai police, FBI continue search for family that disappeared under mysterious circumstances). And, as always, the syndicated piece of the Associated Press was good, although brief.

Furthermore, I watched HLN`s Jane Velez Mitchell last night, and she allocated the first half of her show to the Rebecca Adams` missing persons case. Considerable clues were included here that were (as far as I could tell), omitted from print news.

Jane`s staff, rather, I mean her producer, Selin Darkalstanian, found out that Rebecca had a few minor infractions, driving with an expired driver`s license, and a broken headlight; this doesn`t amount to much, really. Her boyfriend, Brandon Jiveden, however, got a DUI a few years ago (the exact date would be helpful), and is also an avid hunter and has quite a few hunting licenses. But where does that lead us?

While other facts about Brandon are not particularly all that ominous or threatening, they do, nonetheless, pique one`s (my, your) curiosity. If he liked hunting so much, why is this so? How frequently did he go hunting? What types of hunting did he prefer? 

We frequently see that one (and only) viral photo of Brandon, holding a big fish he must have caught, so obviously, fishing ought to be included in the set of his hunting activities, but what else should we add? And, with the crazy way things are going with (a national epidemic) of firearm violence vexing our country, what kinds of weapons does (did) he own?

Sticking with the point (we`re not accusing him, but thorough queries are the order of the day), does (did) Brandon have a drinking problem (Jane asked this first)? If he does have a drinking problem, how can he do all this hunting, using firearms? 

Two other items, probably of no particular significance, are the vast difference in age between him and Becca, which adds up to (him being) 15 years older. Also, he`s not the biological father of Michelle and Jaracca, the real dad is dead now (I did hear that, didn`t I?) The issue of Brandon just in the role of a boyfriend to Becca, doesn`t necessarily amount to a hill of beans, but it`s worth mentioning. Further probing may prove otherwise.

I should include several other clues before I leave you; Selin mentioned that a diaper bag was left behind in a car. The cell phones of the two adults are turned off. Both cars remain at their house. Were car keys still there? The dog is missing. Camping and outdoor gear has been left behind. The babies` car seats were left behind. Lanell Adams, Becca`s sister, noticed she sounded distressed when she last spoke with her on the phone (Tuesday, May 27th). 

Jeanine Adams, mother to Lanell and Becca, checked up on her daughter Becca and learned she had been crying. She failed to reveal the true nature of her distress.  Finally, the Kenai police have been sluggish in their investigation of this family of four, who`ve been gone now for more than two weeks time (a neighbor called them twice with heightened concerns). What`s behind this mystery, on all levels?