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Published:June 11th, 2014 15:10 EST

Reporter Asked to Leave Courtroom Because of Sleeveless Blouse

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A reporter had to sport a winter jacket after she was barred from a Utah courthouse for wearing a sleeveless blouse.


It was Morgan Briesmaster`s first time at the Ogden`s 2nd District Court covering a new beat for the Standard Examiner, but a guard wouldn`t let her past security to cover a story because her seemingly professional blouse violated the dress code."

The New York Daily News

Unfortunately, the dateline for this article isn`t Iran or Saudi Arabia, but Utah.

A sleeveless blouse isn`t inappropriate attire on a hot 85 degree day; it`s not as if Briesmaster was wearing a halter top or a bikini top.

This was the court reporter`s first day at work, she had yet to learn that the sight of a woman`s bare arms can be a distraction to the lawyers and judge.

Briesmaster passed inspection when she returned to court covered in a winter parka. The security guard should be fired, I`m sure he will be able to find another job in Tehran.   

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