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Published:June 12th, 2014 14:54 EST
NBC Dateline`s 'The People VS O.J. Simpson' Perfect for Throwback Thursday!

NBC Dateline`s 'The People VS O.J. Simpson' Perfect for Throwback Thursday!

By John G. Kays

My Interest in the Murder In Brentwood (title of Mark Fuhrman`s book) case comes and goes, ebbs and flows, but it never dies out entirely. When I get bored with it or tired of retracing those darkly charged events, which began late one early summer night (June 12, 1994, exactly twenty years ago), I put it away; but surprisingly, this is temporary. Suddenly, something comes along that rekindles my enthusiasm; then, once again, I have to dig out my old paperbacks, or make a beeline over to YouTube and watch some of the ancient news footage for the billionth time! Deja Vu, it`s back!

I reluctantly recorded NBC Dateline`s THE PEOPLE vs O.J. SIMPSON-What the Jury Never Heard, thinking it would probably be a snoozer. After watching it this morning, it turns out I was wrong about that. It was well done and I learned quite a few new things. During my second viewing, I whipped out Murder In Brentwood, by Mark Fuhrman (an absolute must read for O.J./Nicole/Ron/Johnny/Marsha/Kato/Ito/Vannater etc. aficionados), cross-referencing the content presentation of Dateline with some of Fuhrman`s astute observations. This is a good technique, a trick of the trade, if you don`t mind my saying! 

As such, the arbitrary way events unfolded that summer of `94 still has me scratching my head today; dumbfounded, at best, is an inappropriate euphemism of the highest caliber! I guess I`ll mention three items brought up in the NBC special that were emphasized, demonstrating how badly the prosecution dropped the ball, then I`ll add on one more huge fopaux, that`s practically the centerpiece of Mark`s book (ZEBRA BOOKS, 1997). I believe, I should let you know, my emphasis or preference (when studying the case) is more focused on the initial investigation of the LAPD Homicide team. A blow by blow recall of the trial itself tends to bore me (well, not all of it).

Anyhow, what Chris Jenner had to say opened my eyes up wide; Nicole knew that O.J. was going to kill her; Chris, who at the time was one of her best friends, heard her spot-on prediction of her own murder. I believe I`ve heard this before, but this doesn`t seem to diminish the shock and sense of foreboding any more for me, Fuhrman has one chapter that simulates the murder, including what thoughts (he reasons), were going through both the victims` and the killer`s minds. You bundle all this information together, and it`s still very fresh in my (our) mind(s)! A good example is, did Nicole pick up a butcher knife in the kitchen, upon seeing her Ex stalking outside her window, at her Bundy condo?

And why did she hold on to some menus when she opened her front door? Why did she proceed to the patio, increasing her vulnerability? Why did she even open the door? What did she say to Simpson when she saw his black cat-like, suspiciously lurking silhouette, dressed in that dark quasi-Ninja outfit? Did O.J. know he was going to kill her before he went over to Nicole`s Bundy condo? Mark argues convincingly, he didn`t have the plan worked out that carefully; I`ll buy that. Why would he take his white Bronco along and park it in the alleyway? This would be a very dumb plan; rather, it must`ve been the sudden appearance of Ron Goldman that set off his homicidal rage. This makes perfect sense to me.

Well, we also have the very important witness, Skip Junis, who actually saw O.J., when he arrived at the LA airport, discarding (incriminating) evidence stashed in a sports bag, tossing it in a trash receptacle, just outside the terminal (little did Juice know, someone was watching him). Skip`s never called to testify at trial. Don`t forget Jill Shively! She saw a Bronco-bound O.J. fleeing from the horrifying Bundy crime scene; not called. And finally, Mark`s main beef: O.J.`s bloody print, left on the iron gate as he split the scene, wasn`t included in the prosecution`s evidence. Vannater never read Fuhrman`s crime scene notes, the print wasn`t lifted. Unbelievable!