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Published:June 15th, 2014 11:12 EST

Man, 91, Returns Library Book 61 Years Late

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The library at the University of Liverpool waived a $7,600 fine for a 91-year-old man who returned a library book after 61 years.


Ron Webster checked out a copy of Structure and Function in Primitive Society in 1953 when he was working as a research assistant at the school`s social sciences department.

It wasn`t until recently that he realized he still had the book in his possession and returned it to the library."


In 1953 when Webster checked out a copy of " Structure and Function in Primitive Society" England was a primitive society compared to the digital age of today. In a few more years books will be available only in digital format, but by then Webster will be in the Main Library in the Sky.

The librarians were amused by the spectacle of a 91-year-old gentleman returning a library book after 61 years; they sat down with Webster and enjoyed a cup of tea with him. They waived the astronomical fee on the condition that he henceforth "live an exemplary life and return all his books on time. "

I`m glad the librarian didn`t throw the book at the elderly gentleman, and I hope he lives long enough to check out a lot more books.

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