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Published:June 18th, 2014 16:52 EST

Outrage: Adele Videos Could Disappear From YouTube This Week

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A simmering dispute between Google and independent record labels could result this week in the disappearance from YouTube of Adele, the Arctic Monkeys, and additional artists signed to smaller labels.


YouTube is in the process of creating a paid subscription service to go alongside its existing service, and the online-video giant has been negotiating deals with artists. This would seem a good thing for the music industry: Labels make more money when fans listen to songs on paid subscription services than they do when fans use YouTube as a free music player."


In this dispute between Google and record labels, it`s consumers who get the shaft. With most of my disposable income going towards my cable, cellphone, Netflix and Internet provider I don`t have any money left over to spend on a paid subscription music service like Spotify, Pandora, or the new Google service.

I enjoyed watching my favorite artists and discovering new ones on YouTube, it will be a real shame if huge corporations ban free music videos.

Fight the power! Download music for free!

Enjoy the following Adele videos for free while you still can:

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