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Published:June 19th, 2014 12:16 EST
Did a British Tourist, Sheila Sillery-Walsh, Really Photograph A Lady Ghost on Alcatraz Island?

Did a British Tourist, Sheila Sillery-Walsh, Really Photograph A Lady Ghost on Alcatraz Island?

By John G. Kays

The Rock! The Rock with Ghosts! That`s not paranormal, it`s normal normal. As far as I`m concerned, HAUNTED is the one characteristic that explains Alcatraz`s existence; that`s all it is and all it can be. How`d I get here? A sheer white poltergeist wanly flickers past my fragile eyeglasses (I`m watching The Conjuring on HBO also). 

While sipping persistent, pungent java, I rapidly (don`t know if I do anything too quickly) scan Yahoo News on my ipad Air, finding an intriguing story of a British couple (Paul Rice and Sheila Sillery-Walsh), whose vacation visit to Alcatraz Island turned strange swiftly, when the woman spontaneously captured an image of a woman, apparently from a different era, on her iphone 5c camera. I examined the pic particularly, suspicious of a rabbit that belonged elsewhere!

The reason for my skepticism, is for the fact that I`m very vulnerable to this sort of thing; you might say, my threshold to believe is rather low on the Totem Pole of Paranormal Snow Job Vulnerability (but the Limbo Rock stick must be higher up, if I hope to dance under her without stumbling). Okay, so I haven`t noticed any obvious cropping or doctoring to the para-pic, and I`m saying that knowing I own the highest resolution tablet screen currently on the market. 

Alright, so maybe Sheila did shoot a lingering ghost lady (I think she`s from the mid 1930s), who was paying one of the notorious criminals a courtesy call! This persnickety-laden yellow spine quiver induced me to research Alcatraz`s mottled history, or aspects of it, anyhow.

Well, this isn`t exactly a sunshine-lit Yellow Brick Road I traverse; rather it`s more like those rocky paths George R. R. Martin writes about in The Song of Ice and Fire Series (which I`m just beginning to read). Yea, more like an ancient Roman road way out in the untamed provinces of Gaul or Britain, or better yet, Germania! 

This rickety trail leads us to: Al Capone, The Birdman, Machine Gun Kelly, Bumpy Johnson (took a sideline excursion ala Bumpy this morning!), Rafael Miranda, Mickey Cohen, Doc Barker, Whitey Bulger, and last but not least, Creepy Karpis (Wikipedia). Had enough?

And then I noticed, as yet another divergence, that it was Robert Kennedy, when he was still our Attorney General, who had the Spook House sealed for good, on March 21, 1963. You might suspect where we can go with that, so I`ll impose a Federal Road Block, before we get lost in a creepy cesspool of looping conspiracy theories (that rotate perpetually until the end of time)

Well, let us not forget the masterful, yet failed escapes of Frank Morris, John Anglin, and Clarence Anglin, (that went down) on June 11th, 1962. Have you had enough OTHERWORLDLY energy yet? Moreover, old geyser types (officials) working on The Rock have re-enforced their belief (tidally tying the ribbon, and neatly affixing the bow): SHE`S MOST CERTAINLY HAUNTED THROUGH & THROUGH!!!

As you return to clean air (from a dark and dingy dungeon of Alcatraz jazz), fathoming Shelia catching a shade from the past with her little camera, becomes much easier. Yea, I`ll go ahead and say it, The Rock is brimmed with, teeming with scary GHOSTS! Hell this lady eidolon may`ve been taking a message to Bumpy, from the infamous Dutch Schultz, such as: don`t jack with my territory, Harlem I mean!  

I`m thinking, the see-through banshee herself is way too scared to leave; Dutch was bumped off in 1935, but Hell, the transparent wan-one may not know it. I suppose, she`s locked into that still and silent visiting portal for the duration of time; if she fails to deliver the goodies to Bumpy, she`ll end up like Bugs Moran`s bunch did, in that chilly Chicago booze warehouse, February 14th, 1929! It`s something like job security, only it`s over the fence, in the Shades Dimension (Outer Limits, Twilight Zone). Different set of rules.