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Published:June 19th, 2014 10:24 EST

Should Hillary Clinton Come Out of the Closet to Revive Her Lackluster Campaign?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Hillary Clinton sat down for two heavily-promoted interviews on cable news Tuesday evening, but they did not deliver the blockbuster ratings CNN and Fox News were likely expecting  or at least hoping for."


As Hillary Clinton makes the rounds of the networks for her book tour cum presidential campaign, she`s eliciting yawns and anemic ratings.

Feminists may get all hot and bothered over every Hillary interview, speech or press conference, but ordinary Americans are already sick and tired of her.

Hillary-fatigue has set in already, and two years for now when the presidential campaign finally gets underway don`t be surprised if a political newcomer blows her away, just like Obama did six years ago.

Hillary didn`t learn anything from her surprising and agonizing defeat to Barack Obama, once again she`s playing it safe,she doesn`t want any missteps to derail her coronation.

Hillary`s ghostwritten book, " Hard Choices" is the most heavily promoted political memoir in recent history, but it`s #5 on Amazon behind a book about a 10-day green smoothie juice cleanse.

The only way Hillary will garner any excitement is if she slimed by green smoothie juice cleanse or if she comes clean and admits that the last time she had sex with Bill Clinton was when Chelsea was conceived. Coming out of the closet would be an act of political courage, and the shot in the arm that her campaign desperately needs.

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