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Published:June 21st, 2014 11:48 EST

Risque Apron Gets Old Codger Banned From Farmers Market: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Tom Levine likes to wear an apron made of a transparent material that appears to show a woman`s breasts and genitals. (There is a flower covering the crotch.)


When Levine showed up wearing his signature apron to sell books on May 31, he was told to take the offensive and obscene garment off. He complied, but was later informed that he was banned from the farmers market."


Tom Levine is an old unattractive fart, so when he sets up shop to sell his books at street fairs and farmers markets, he dons an apron that depicts a woman`s breasts and genitals to catch the attention of potential buyers.

But Lake Mary, Florida city officials were having none of it, and they banned the old coot from the farmers market.

The farmers market attracts families and children, and most folks think Levine and his apron don`t belong in the family-friendly environment.

Levine calls his apron " art"; maybe the old codger can sell his books outside a museum.

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