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Published:June 22nd, 2014 11:18 EST

Outrage: Park Ranger Fired for Dancing on the Job! Video!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Chattanooga park ranger says he was fired for dancing on the job. He says it`s something he`s done for years to bring joy to visitors and was nicknamed by some as `the dancing park ranger.` But the city says he displayed unbecoming conduct and neglected his duties."



Deryl Nelson has worked as a park ranger for the City of Chattanooga at Coolidge Park for more than seven years, and he`s been dancing on duty since his second year as a ranger.

I would advise Nelson not to quit his day job (assuming he finds another job), but for a middle-aged white guy he`s got some fancy moves.

Chattanooga city officials fired him for unbecoming conduct and neglected his duties. It`s not like Nelson was twerking with Smokey the Bear or performing a strip tease. Nelson`s duties include entertaining park visitors, in the six years he`s been dancing only one complaint has been lodged against him, most of the park visitors are thrilled by his impromptu performances.

Nelson doesn`t let his dancing interfere from his main duties, last year he received a heroic acts award for helping save a woman`s life who fell into the river.

Nelson`s dancing is a manifestation of the joy he derives from his job, city officials should admit they made a mistake and give him his job back.

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