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Published:June 24th, 2014 11:40 EST
The Killers, Jerad and Amanda Miller a Peculiar Couple Worthy of Further Consideration!

The Killers, Jerad and Amanda Miller a Peculiar Couple Worthy of Further Consideration!

By John G. Kays

I realized right from the get-go, the story of the cop killer couple in Las Vegas was an important one, yet I hesitated in reporting on it, thinking we weren`t quite getting an accurate, complete picture. The killers, Jerad and Amanda Miller are indeed a very peculiar pair, worthy of further consideration. 

My suspicions were verified when Clark County Sheriff Douglas Gillespie held a news conference yesterday; some of the details initially reported were incorrect. The most obvious one that comes to mind, is that it wasn`t Amanda Miller who first shot her husband, Jerad Miller, to death, then herself (well, that part is correct)

Actually, it was a police sharpshooter who fired the fatal shot (I haven`t heard yet the identity of the rifleman, but the weapon used was a military-style .223-caliber rifle) to Jerad`s chest. Okay, so apparently Amanda did discharge her weapon in her husband`s crumpled direction, when she was huddled prostrate to a chilly Wal-Mart floor (coincidentally, in the gun department), but missed him completely.

But now we have a much clearer idea of what went down (late Sunday morning, June 8th, in Las Vegas, Nevada), at both the Cici`s Pizza (309 N. Nellis Blvd) and at the Wal-Mart (201 N. Nellis), which is nearby (is it right next store?). Now we know, for example, there were 52 shots fired by the Millers, and 36 shots by the police; this was practically Platte City with the Barrow Gang!

I suspect, the entire harrowing incident, from the time that Officers Igor Soldo and Alyn Beck were shot (which must have been around 11:20 AM), until the twisted quasi-revolutionaries perished themselves, must`ve taken place in less than an hour. That was enough time, however, to leave 5 people dead without a proper explanation for why that`s so.

The how it`s so is clearing up (partially), but the why it happened is still leaving us in the lurch. A definition of the Miller`s political philosophies, if we can get that sophisticated in calling it such, has not been provided so far. Were the Millers on the extreme right or were they on the extreme left? 

Or were they simply anti-government, which seems like a popular stance to take these days. A caveat to this ridiculous position (of hating the government, no matter what)  is the pro-firearms credo, which is a good fit with the Millers. The Left or Right part of it may be inconsequential, possibly over their heads.

An ABC News article, published on June 10th, Las Vegas Shooting Couple Had Been Booted From Bundy Ranch as Too Radical, tells me even Cliven Bundy felt threatened by this bizarre twosome, when he told them to hit the trail, at his Nevada ranch standoff with federal officials over cattle grazing, back in April. 

What did Bundy mean by too radical? I speculate, but I don`t believe Left or Right leaning figures in here; I sense this means the Millers advocated violence against the Feds, along the lines of Timothy McVeigh (I recall seeing that Don`t Tread on Me flag before with McVeigh). But what about the Cici`s? Why pick a Cici`s?

Why did Jerad and Amanda initiate this so called revolution just at this location, a very ordinary, bland pizza chain? Had the Miller`s been stalking Soldo and Beck for quite a while? Had they already anticipated fleeing to the Wal-Mart after shooting the two police officers? What I`m wondering about is, did they know well in advance their final standoff would be at this Wal-Mart? And if this is true, is the choice somehow symbolic, such as America (with Wal-Mart as the victim surrogate), we hate your guts! 

The backstory, of course, is whether Joseph Wilcox met his death since he carried a concealed handgun, and felt as if he could gain control of a tense situation vigilante style, but his intervention backfires on him big time. To me, the final shootout (of anti-government cuckoos) taking place at a Wal-Mart in the gun department, drips with irreconcilable irony and dysfunctional metaphor, and gives an appearance of being on purpose, planned, I mean.