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Published:June 26th, 2014 20:38 EST

Outrage: Russian Policewomen to be Disciplined for Short Skirts

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The Russian Interior Ministry launched an effort to crackdown on uniform modifications, including the rising trend of short skirts on female Russian police officers.


Female officers have taken to raising the hemlines on their skirts and their male counterparts have started cutting their shirt sleeves off. They are also allegedly wearing civilian clothes and wrinkled items with their uniforms -- all of which fall under the new ban."


A picture circulating on Twitter depicts Russian female police officers sporting short skirts and high heels. As a red-blooded American male I don`t have any problem with officers wearing short skirts, but the high heels are a safety hazard. Officers wearing high heels aren`t going to collar too many suspects who make a run for it.

The Twitter photo may be a fake, but it will probably do wonders for the Russian tourism industry.

Short-skirt clad officers are more approachable, and citizens would be more likely to report suspected criminal activity to these hot officers.

If Putin makes a habit of being photographed shirtless, no Russian should get his panties in a twist over cops wearing short skirts.

Pic of Russian officers wearing short skirts and high heels:


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