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Published:June 26th, 2014 12:24 EST
With Justin Ross Harris, Does Appearance Verse Reality Rear Its Ugly Head?

With Justin Ross Harris, Does Appearance Verse Reality Rear Its Ugly Head?

By John G. Kays

On the surface, and this would be a more innocent take on Justin Ross Harris (and what`s alleged about his now deceased 22-month-old son, Cooper Mills Harris), is that he is merely guilty of negligence; but once you dig a little deeper, Ross`s behavior takes on a rather more sinister hue, as if he knowingly conspired to murder his own son. 

Why he wanted to do this (his motive) is still a mystery, but the idea that that`s just what he (in fact) did, is starting to win the argument. Something like more than 11,000 supporters of Ross are in denial of a ever growing body of incriminating evidence, that`s pointing in the ominous direction of a planned murder.

Thus far, I have avoided this case like the plague, since I don`t like to think about situations where children die or get killed, regardless of the circumstances. However, as I watched HLN`s Jane Velez Mitchell last night, the story sucked me into its vortex, when they (Cobb County) started mentioning, Justin probably was researching on the internet (at the Home Depot Corporate Offices where he worked), how long it would take to kill an animal, if it was stuck in a scorching hot, locked car.

Unfathomable, to think that this young man, a dad I must add, would conduct this type of a search on the very day (Wednesday, June 18th) his very own son had been left unattended in his 2012 silver Hyundai Tucson. Obviously, the implications of this sickly search are, premeditated homicide!

The possibility of this interpretation getting it right was making me dizzy, unfocused, and hideously irrational. There`s a plethora of photos on the internet, showing Ross holding Cooper in loving, adoring poses, cuddling his cute baby with utmost affection, just as a good daddy ought to.

Ross looks very natural and normal in these pics; on the other hand, his arrest pic gives you an eerie, unsettling feeling, an ineffable suspicion, if we`re to believe the eyes are windows into the soul, then we see a pitch-black darkness faintly resembling Evil Incarnate. 

Well, I just retreated to the lavatory and sprinkled my sweaty forehead with cold water, shook my head, and returned to balance, Holy Google Earth! Okay, I get it. I overloaded my ancient circuit-board a bombardment of internet images ala incarceration photography *(it distorts and disturbs your judgement!).

I needed to scrape away a good bit of the muddy muck, clouding my vision from needed, detached objectivity, a make-believe realm few of us ever experience. So rightfully I settled on sources coming from the Atlanta area exclusively, which leaves me with CNN (or its sister, HLN) for televised news, and the Atlanta Journal Constitution for print news, since this case occurred in Marietta, which is a suburb of Atlanta. 

I switched over to this local news approach at around 5 AM this morning and things are getting better and better for me, as far as feeling more cleared-headed about how the case is going. I mean, so much information is emerging, it`s overwhelming really, such as all the witnesses who watched his performance at this shopping center (4:23 PM, June 18th). Why did so many people see his exhibition just then, in that parking lot?


Why did Ross decide to reveal the discovery of his expired son (from hyperthermia) just in this way? Raw aerial news footage, seen on, zooms in on what we have to assume is a crime scene (the usual yellow tape cordons off the suspect`s small SUV). The shopping center where a frantic (is he play acting?) Ross tries resuscitating his boy, provides telling eyes into what may`ve actually gone down, with a stagey-looking silver car parked awkwardly, askew and catty-corner. 

How did this final dramatic moment play out in his (cunning) mind, as he feigned his daily duties at Home Depot that day? Who would do this to their own son? Not a human being, that`s for sure! Only a monster, but Ross Harris doesn`t look like a monster; this is what`s so interesting about a another one emerging out of Atlanta. Appearance verses Reality has classical application here.