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Published:June 30th, 2014 14:21 EST

Kelly Osbourne Debuts Head Tattoo! What a Moron! Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Kelly Osbourne, who`s been sporting a purple mohawk these days, added a large tattoo to the shaved part of her head.


The Fashion Police host and television personality took to Twitter and Instagram on Saturday to share photos of her new ink, which reads `Stories...`"


When you weigh as much as a baby hippo you don`t really need to sport a purple Mohawk or tattoo your head to call attention to yourself.

The Fashion Police host should be arrested by the fashion police and lashed 20 times with a wet noodle for offending our aesthetic sensibilities.

Kelly is covered with tattoos and she has often expressed regret for applying so much ink to her body. So naturally the bimbo tattoos her head.

Kelly I think you need just one more tattoo on your forehead that reads: Moron

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