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Published:July 1st, 2014 15:39 EST

Viral Video! Chipmunk Goes Kung Fu on Cat!

By Robert Paul Reyes

There isn`t anything more elemental than the animal food chain: Dogs prey on cats, cats attack rats and chipmunks, and chipmunks dine on insects and small frogs.


But the animal food chain can be turned upside down when a chipmunk is a martial arts expert, as this hapless cat found out.

This hungry feline had the chipmunk in its mouth, as it walked searching for a nice and quiet place to enjoy his meal. When the cat set the chipmunk down, the chipmunk delivered a series of kung fu kicks and punches that sent the cat reeling.

The fearless little chipmunk got the best of the predator, or to put it less diplomatically, the chipmunk made the feline his bit**!

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