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Published:July 1st, 2014 11:33 EST
Why Is Leanna Harris 'Standing By Her Man,' Justin Ross Harris (Ross)?

Why Is Leanna Harris 'Standing By Her Man,' Justin Ross Harris (Ross)?

By John G. Kays

Some of you might wonder how I`m even standing here today. I wonder that myself, and I asked myself that question over and over the last week. I should be crumpled into a heap of snot and tears into the dirt, but the Lord is holding me up right now. He is holding Ross up. And he is holding both of us up when we can`t hold ourselves up. Leanna Harris speaking at Cooper`s funeral on Saturday.

Leanna researched in car death also; odd coincident? Did parents conspire to eliminate baby Cooper? If they did, what`s the reason (motive) for this? Did Leanna definitely make the ghastly internet search (the slow and agonizing in car child death)? Or was she lying, just covering for Ross?

Her unflinching loyalty and support for her husband (Justin Ross Harris), stated publicly at the funeral, is surprising, if not utterly shocking! I don`t get it, you don`t get it, but, indeed, something very strange is going on here, lurking underneath the surface of everyday, ordinary adult behavior. Weirdest thing I`ve ever seen!

Too, Ross places a call from his jail cell into the funeral (Tuscaloosa, Alabama), making some general, generic comments; while I haven`t heard his exact tone on the audio tape regarding his brief statement, disingenuous possibly describes it with as much accuracy as I can muster, at this time. 

Moreover, Leanna`s opening statement about not being angry with Ross (even though he toasted her son), is beyond my comprehension, as is the tremendous loyalty displayed by many of Ross`s friends from college, work, or church *(Ross seems to know an awful lot of people).

No, it`s not just Ross and Leanna`s behavior I (we) can`t explain; I`m befuddled by the response of many millions who`re following this unfathomable story, hanging by a thread on the edge of their seats, biting their battered nails, as new confounding data throbs through their television screens! 

I haven`t noticed any of the specific charismatic powers of Ross yet (referenced by his fans), but then again, I don`t really know him. His mug shot and a few statements he`s made is all I have to go on; he looks guilty as Hell in his booking pic, but that`s understandable. Who wouldn`t look this way (like a dastardly criminal) when the jailhouse photographer`s flashbulb instantly goes off.

Just saying! And what about the song and dance when he stops at the now infamous shopping center, supposedly, when it dawned on him little Cooper had been abandoned all day in the fiery inferno of his silver Hyundai Tucson? Witnesses who saw him react, taking his boy out to administer CPR, don`t give us an impression he was sincerely surprised; rather, they sense he was acting, playing a role of a father in shock at what he`d done. 

Ross will have us believe it was negligence or forgetfulness; couple this take on matters with the in car death searches (several of them), supposedly for the purpose of preventing just such a catastrophic accident from happening. The irony of this situation turning out this way, is hard to wrap your head around; especially if you believe Ross is innocent. The nightmare is enhanced considerably more when postulate the parents` innocence. Terribly more!

Surprise, surprise, after all`s said and done, this was the precise, final outcome, in spite of his tremendous effort at preventative maintenance (so to speak). Improbable! As Ross increases the chance that just such a horrible accident will not occur, by studying up on this unlikely sequence of events, rationality says bye bye and The Twilight Zone rears its homely mug! The very item he tried so hard to stop comes about, exactly in the petrifying-ly scary fashion, pictured in the minds-eye. 

Come on! Very strange; one fact, that sticks out like a sore thumb, suddenly crept up on me when watching HLN last night, which gives me a fresh perspective. Witnesses at the shopping center dramatic scene (brouhaha) could smell the (boiled - sorry!) baby; therefore Ross could smell it too as he cruised out of the Home Depot parking lot, once work ends (after 4 PM Wednesday, June 18th).