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Published:July 2nd, 2014 12:40 EST
Is it Possible Rebekah Sue Bletsch Was Executed by a Professional Hitman?

Is it Possible Rebekah Sue Bletsch Was Executed by a Professional Hitman?

By John G. Kays

Who shot (and killed) Rebekah Sue Bletsch in the head execution style? Rebekah`s unexplained murder occurred in the early evening hours, on Sunday, June 29th, most likely between 5 and 6 PM, in the 4300 block of Automobile Road (which is in Dalton Township, Michigan). Initially, it was reported that Rebekah was the victim of a hit-and-run driver; apparently, since she was found very close to the curb, on the side of the road in the grass. 

As such, it`s understandable passers-by and even the police figured she`d been hit by a car. Upon closer examination, they determined she`d been shot through the head, probably with a small caliber handgun.

Well, in addition, and this is a significant clue, they found shell casings (that`s plural) in the grass nearby her body; Rebekah often jogged on Automobile Road right around this time. One witness, Chuck Race`s wife (name not given) saw her jog by the window; when talking to reporters (Wood TV), Chuck mentioned the time she jogged by as between 6 and 6:30 PM. 

However, we know the time an unidentified passerby, upon seeing her body lying by the side of the road, contacted 911, is precisely 6:11. Therefore, Chuck Race`s wife must`ve seen Rebekah go by a tidbit earlier, unless the person who reported her down drove by only a minute or so after she was shot; as such, the time of the shooting could`ve been as late as 6:05 PM.

News footage tells me Automobile Road is seemingly rural and isolated in that particular block, and doesn`t appear to have too many houses; well, I believe Donna Beegle`s house is the closest one to where Rebekah Bletsch`s body was spotted, or perhaps her mailbox (shares the location), anyway.

This isolated spot, which Rebekah used consistently for her daily jogging, may have been selected by whoever killed her, specifically, since no one would notice a criminal perpetration there. Several items point to a cunning strategy utilized, by what`s starting to look like a professional type of hit. 

First off, the method used was most successful, since nobody heard anything or saw anything. The killer might have followed Ms Bletsch, getting a good idea about her behavioral patterns, until the best opportunity became apparent.

I sense, a small caliber handgun was employed on purpose, because the sound wouldn`t be so loud, once the weapon had been discharged. I don`t believe the perpetrator (possibly a hired hitman) fired from a slow moving vehicle; I think he stalked her, disguised as another jogger, probably running in the opposite direction, then turns and shoots her. 

With more than one cartridge casing deposited at the scene, the gun must`ve been fired more than once. That mystery should clear-up once the autopsy is done; most likely, we`ll know the make and caliber of the gun also. Still, I wonder why no one in the neighborhood heard a report, sounding like a gunshot? This makes me contemplate the possibility a silencer was used *(I better back off a bit from this projection for now).

It doesn`t look a drive-by shooting to me, nor does it resemble a robbery (her cell phone and a big diamond ring were left in tact at the scene). Probably not a sexual assault either; that scenario can be eliminated also after the autopsy`s completed. I`m already discounting this as a motive, as are most other people, including the police (this jurisdiction is Muskegon County, which I looked at on a map).  

Naturally, family, friends, and work cohorts must be looked at first; I hear the husband Kevin has an airtight alibi, and has already practically been eliminated as a viable suspect. But no doubt, investigators will take a second and third look at him. 

The other thing that makes this case so weird, is Rebekah was such a good mother and a good person in general; she doesn`t have any enemies that we know of. Her occupation of choice is that of a physical therapist; checking out her regular clients may be the best lead available to detectives. Oh yea, that, and this Electric Force Festival which just blew through town, may have attracted some undesirables (even this take looks like a long-shot, in my way of thinking).