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Published:July 2nd, 2014 13:19 EST

July 2 is World UFO Day! Hug an Alien Today! Video!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Attention aspiring ufologists: July 2 is World UFO Day.

It`s a day to raise awareness of what some think are extraterrestrial visits to our planet. The day roughly corresponds to the date of perhaps the most well-known UFO story."


USA Today

Of course the most well-known date in UFO lore is the woebeggoten day when debris was discovered on a ranch in Roswell, New Mexico. An initial statement from the Air Force claimed a flying saucer had crashed, and hundreds of newspapers all over the world reported the bogus news about the crash landing of the flying saucer.

If the Air Force spokesperson had been more circumspect and reported that the debris came from a weather balloon, the UFO phenomenon might never have taken flight, and thousands of people wouldn`t have complained that their virgin rear ends had been violated by alien anal probes.

The last thing America needs is " World UFO Day"; there are already scores of inebriated rednecks and bored suburban housewives raising awareness about extraterrestrial visits to our little blue planet.

The truth is out there, at the bottom of a bottle of Jack Daniels, I think I will spend " World UFO Day " getting my drink on.

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