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Published:July 3rd, 2014 14:53 EST
Maggie Daniels` Death Ruled a Homicide; Who`s the Mysterious 911 Caller Who Found Her?

Maggie Daniels` Death Ruled a Homicide; Who`s the Mysterious 911 Caller Who Found Her?

By John G. Kays

So far, as I see it, news coverage into (what we now know is) a murder investigation, regarding a guidance counselor, 31-year-old Maggie Daniels, who was found dead in her Windsor apartment complex (in Newton, North Carolina), is drifting darkly in the direction of a 911 call placed by an unidentified man, apparently a friend, who entered her unit sometime Saturday morning, finding her dead (although he claims he didn`t realize it)

After carefully studying all the known components of this most troubling story (Maggie Daniels is a strikingly beautiful young woman), I too directed my focus on this unusual 911 call; so much so, (with a sneaking suspicion creeping up on me), that I went ahead and recorded the call on my Tascam DR-05, from a article, which had posted the curious (and not so innocent) 911 audio file.

Well, most of the spoken words of the mysterious caller have already been published in print news; however, I was checking for the tone of his voice, or whether he seemed a bit nervous, or whether he may have, somehow, tripped up, giving away a clue, or some trifle of information he probably had no business knowing. 

Not that I was pre-judging him as guilty (as sin), but I do get a funny feeling about his call; a minuscule portion of it just didn`t go down quite right. Why didn`t he check to see if Maggie was definitely dead, for example? Naturally, we need to find out who he is, and in what capacity or to what extent he`s actually a friend to Maggie Daniels, as he claims to be. His identification will clear up matters considerably, that`s for sure.

 I`m glad I recorded the call; I`ve listened to it maybe 10 times now. I may be magnifying an eerie feeling I get when I play it back, but his final line, it shook me up when I saw her, gives me a spine chill. Still, I know I`m over-reacting; I`m factoring that in, but it`s not helping me too much. I must want to blame this man subconsciously, even before I have any substantial reason to do so. 

My persecuting attitude is disappointing me; I`m from Texas, and we have some fairly noticeable (which can be obnoxious at times) drawls or twangs around these parts, but the distinctive accent (drawl or whatever) of this North Carolinian is over the top! If this narcissism helps any, this is a partial reason why my objectivity was tossed out the window many hours ago!

All of us need to go back over what we know for certain (which doesn`t amount to a whole heck of a lot); the cause of Maggie Daniels` death has not been revealed. The police may have good reason to withhold the cause, but the manner of death has been given, it`s homicide. There was mention of a broken mirror, so that must be important. The Windsor apartment janitor, Joe McCorkle, saw her at around noon on Friday; Joe said she had on black sweatpants. 

The janitor may`ve been the last person to see her alive, other than the killer, of course. Some good reporting is coming out of WSOCTV (Channel 9 in Charlotte)! The killer could have used a path, a short-cut from Thornton Elementary, through some hedges, leading into the Windsor apartments, where Maggie lived.

Another potential clue also reported by WSOCTV, is that a used car lot, TRL Motors, had a number of surveillance cameras positioned on the one road you have to use, to either enter or exit these generic-looking apartments I`m seeing in news footage. Yet another bit of data which sounds like it might be relevant, reported on HLN last night, is that Maggie allegedly didn`t lock her door, and further, would frequently sunbathe just outside of the front door. 

Maggie`s routine of neighborhood jogging also is worth mentioning; as we said before, Ms Daniels was a stunningly attractive young lady, and may have been seen by somebody who didn`t equally share those qualities. But until we can tidy up this puzzle regarding the missing link of a 911 caller, we`ll probably find ourselves lingering or loitering on the dark side of the street, unable to see the truth.