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Published:July 4th, 2014 14:54 EST
Does Justin Ross Harris Have a Split Personality in the Classic Freudian Sense?

Does Justin Ross Harris Have a Split Personality in the Classic Freudian Sense?

By John G. Kays

Ross must have left him in the car. Leanna`s comment upon discovering Baby Cooper wasn`t at the daycare center when she tried to pick him up (the day he died, June 18th, 2014). Another one of Leanna`s incidental comments made at the police station, when detectives left her and an fully arrested Ross alone together in the interrogation room (they were taped, of course): Did you say too much? Something Ross says to Leanna, phrased in the past tense, wails premeditation: I dreaded how he would look!

By now, after yesterday`s shocking court appearance (by the baby-faced Justin Ross Harris [with a fake surfer haircut]) in Marietta, Ga., you`re probably more up on all the seedy details, of what went down, than I could ever hope to be. Well, I have been doing my homework diligently, but it`s drudgery and sluggish, a nagging reluctance is biting away at the nape of my bleedin` neck!  

Jeez, it`s The Fourth of July and it`s hard for me to think of an American exhibiting the kind of aberrant behavior I`m hearing when it comes to Ross, and that goes for his partner (conceivably in this crime) also, Leanna.

I do believe it`s true, yet I`m unable to fully process how this Georgian couple was able to go through with (consummate) this hideous scheme to do away with their own son, just so they could realize a small amount of life insurance money (equalling 27 K, all together); would that amount cover all the debt they`d accrued? 

I hear Ross had been the main culprit, running up debt with fickle plastic money; wonder what he was using the CCs for? And what powers of persuasion did Ross have over Leanna? Was she aware he was into all this internet porn? How could he bring himself to behave this way, when at the very same time, he was suffocating Cooper slowly in an oxygen-less car?

Ross looks happy-go-lucky, baby-faced, pleased as punch with himself (in an absurdly stupid, Chris Farley gnarly way), but underneath there`s something entirely different going on; something dark and sinister, in a creepy sort of way, I don`t recall ever seeing before.

Flying in the face of what the 4th of July is all about, Ross was good at conning many colleagues (it`s hard to say they were actually friends), that he was a hard working, wholesome, all American husband, and a good, loving father to his cute little blonde 22-month baby boy. I`m not exactly sure just how he pulled this off? Jim Jones keeps popping up in my mind, `cuz he also had those dark, black, ominous eyes, like our new villain on the (cell) block, Ross.

Is Ross a schizophrenic, or perhaps, does he have a split personality? You know, one side is good, but the other side is evil. The evil side is the Id half; this is where all his deviant sexual behavior enters the picture, all this hanky-panky, this texting (or rather sexting) of six different women. Does Ross suffer from chronic sexual addiction? 

One could make a very good case for this condition, not unlike alcoholism,  and I believe, Ross is a good fit with what we might call classical Freudian analysis: on the surface he`s normal (benevolent, loving, generous, sociable, or even religious?), underneath he`s a monster (cunning, lusty, narcissistic, greedy, hateful, even murderous). 

Doctor J and Mister H!! What I don`t get, and if you`d care to pipe in, feel free, but (Holy Caesar`s Ghost!) how is it Leanna bought into this malicious conspiracy, to do in their very own precious flesh and blood, their single offspring, and for money?