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Published:July 4th, 2014 12:27 EST

Waitress Fired for Facebook Rant

By Robert Paul Reyes

"An Ohio waitress says she was fired because of a rant she posted on Facebook.

Kristen Kelly was upset that customers at Texas Roadhouse were giving her bad tips, so she decided to post her frustrations on Facebook.


It turns out that one of Kelly`s former classmates, Cayla Fortman, a career navigator at Job Solutions, is friends with Kelly on Facebook and one of those customers who left a bad tip. Fortman printed out a screen shot of the post and showed it to Kelly`s manager."


Anybody foolish enough to vent about their job online deserves to be fired. I have no sympathy for Kelly, I hope she lands a job in McDonald`s; she needs to learn what it feels like to work like a dog without getting any tips.

I always tip when I receive good service, the operative phrase being good service. " A waitress who isn`t attentive to the needs of her customer doesn`t deserve any tips; maybe Kelly is just a lousy waitress.

Kelly says she was surprised her employer kicked her to the curb, and she`s worried about how she will support herself and her son with no income.

Here`s my tip of the day: If you tip a lousy waitress you will be subsidizing her laziness and incompetence. But by all means leave a healthy tip for a waitress who performed well.

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