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Published:July 5th, 2014 11:31 EST

UFO Symbols Appearing on Cattle Crossing Signs

By Robert Paul Reyes

"There is a mystery unfolding along New Mexico`s roads and highways. A mystery many of you may have already noticed.


Strange UFO symbols have appeared on dozens of cattle crossing signs. Where are they coming from? Some may want you to think it`s the work of aliens, but the explanation is probably a little more down to earth.

It`s a mystery straight out of the X-Files. Driving down the highway from Taos to Santa Fe, you`ll see them. Just one of the many places they`ve appeared around New Mexico. UFO stickers placed on cattle crossing signs, giving the appearance aliens are beaming the cows up."


These flying saucers decals on cattle crossing signs are easier to explain that crop circles. They aren`t the handiwork of extraterrestrial vandals, but teens with too much time on their hands. Why can`t these brats while away the hours playing violent video games, sexting, or browsing porn like normal kids?

Of course UFO nuts interpret these UFO symbols on cattle crossing signs as confirmation that aliens are responsible for cattle mutilations.

Alien beings get a bad rap; they aren`t responsible for cattle mutilations, your weird uncle getting an anal probe, or climate change.

If you`re travelling in New Mexico and you see one of these UFO cattle signs don`t freak out, it just means you`ve entered Hicksville.

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